Wednesday, January 23, 2013

kita - demo

label: none
released: 2004

i came across this whilst randomly poking around the internets (because we here at the SGM do the poking so you don't have to...just look at our fingers)

i really don't know all that much about the band

they're from iowa city,ia (and not the originally posted cedar rapids)

and that's all i got for you

musically...this will make your ears leak if'n your down with stuff like some early melvins...some eyehategod...the sludgier side of corrosion of conformity...

really...anything with the word "sludge" attached to it

DL: kita

1 comment:

Bronson said...

Kita was created in the fallout of Scrid. We're from Iowa City, not Cedar Rapids, which doesn't matter unless you're from one of those places.
Thanks for posting it. I played on this but dont have a copy.

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