Saturday, January 26, 2013

instruments - king dick

label: none
released: 2009

"remember when you said we should record an ep of big black covers? it's already been done. pretty cool band with one of the guys who used to be in north of america" -former united sons of toil/current tyrrany is tyrrany vocalist russell emerson hall

yeah...there was a time that i'd made the suggestion that the united sons of toil release a 7" of big black covers (if'n i remember correctly...the ones i'd suggested were "passing complexion" and "kerosene")

so...he pointed me in the direction of this business recently

i'm not really sure...but the title may or may not reference steve albini

and apparently they got the man's permission to release this

so maybe he's not so much of a dick afterall

and honestly...i don't even know why you'd made that suggestion

some people's kids,man

1 - ready men
2 - sleep!
3 - steelworker
4 - things to do today

DL: king dick

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Anonymous said...

big black cover!


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