Friday, January 11, 2013

hum - you'd prefer an astronaut

label: rca
released: 1995

as i was walking through various thrift stores and pawn shops the other day...i noticed that they all had at least one copy of this album

and that made me question humanity even more

then as i was checking the SGM catalog...i noticed that this hasn't been posted here yet

and that made me question SGM a little bit...and i don't like doing that...the last time i questioned SGM about anything...i woke up with a paper mache billy corgan's head on the pillow next to me

and for those of you that are's getting a re-release on vinyl in march: YOU'D PREFER AN ASTRONAUT

DL: you'd prefer an astronaut


Anonymous said...

this and it's follow up Downward is Heavenward are extremely unsung. great material. musical density.

Pernt said...

"Stars" blew my mind the first time I heard it. It's still in semi-heavy rotation on a couple of my playlists. But I've never heard the entire album. I've read that it's pretty good... looking forward to listening to it tonight.

alain said...


Gooftroop84 said...

This is the album that got me through adolescence. If not for it, I don't think I'd have made it. I and my thank you Matt Talbot, the band.

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