Saturday, January 12, 2013

black sabbath - self-titled

label: warner bros.
released: 1970

friendships have ended

bands have broken up

dishes have been smashed against the wall in dining rooms

and in one instance...urine was placed on someone else's pants

what caused all of the shenanigans?

one question....

who was the first "heavy metal" band?

some say it was black sabbath

some say it was led zeppelin

i say...go and listen to each band's first album...and then come back to talk to me

but i will say this...i can listen to the entirety of led zeppelin's discography...but when it comes to black sabbath's...all you really need are the first 6 albums

"come on,maaaaaan....dio,maaaaaan"

i'm just gonna say it...not really a fan

yeah...just walk away....

DL: black sabbath


Gray said...

Dio sucks.
I mean, he seemed like a "cool guy" and I wished him no ill will, but his vocal style is the epitome of everything that is bad about heavy metal music.

Anonymous said...

Acting like Black Sabbath is much more fun.

Wild Thing said...

Black Sab IS the heaby metal and the real Black Sab was with Ozzy. Everything else is bullshit.

yukbon said...

dio gets a bad rap, but really, it's not like anyone was going to fill ozzy's place. it's it's own thing. if sabbath had broken up and then a whole new band with a different name were made out of dio, iommi, butler and ward, well shit, it would've been ok. but you're expecting ozzy when you see the band name. and you get dio. which isn't bad. but it's not ozzy.

Anonymous said...

I think Ozzy had perfect range in the beginning of his career. His album performances are and always will be awesome. To me, RJD is an example of a "true" musician. He held his talent until his untimely death. RJD had altogether more to offer the world. To quote the from the film "Walk Hard", "the wrong kid died".

Much love to this blog. Keeps a person in Nowhere, ID happy and sane. Thank you

Nacho said...

ozzy and dio are the same shit

chris_c said...

Sabbath definitely! Their riffs are the basis of HM, their influence is far clearer than that of Zep. Communication Breakdown transcends the bluesyness of most of the other tracks, but doesn't sound like the future of HM in the way all of BS does. IMO they are both influential, but Black Sabbath were more so.

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