Thursday, December 20, 2012

V/A - Metal Swim

Label: Adult Swim
Year: 2010

Here's a free compilation that Adult Swim decided you might want a couple of years ago, and, well, do you?
Most of the tracks are released elsewhere, but it's still a nice little mixtape as it where, of heavy music that has some crossover (that's right, D.R.I. reference) with what we would normally post here on Shiny Grey Monotone, so I figured that before this file went quietly into that good night, I would share it here.

The bands:
Death Angel - I have a veeeeeeeery low tolerance for this mind of wankery
Skeletonwitch - And probably any even lower tolerance for this.
Torche - from Songs For Singles, always welcome in my home.
Ludicra - you had me at "ex-Hickey". SFBM.
Kylesa - from Spiral Shadow. A Damad cover would have been appreciated.
Black Tusk - from their split with Fight Amp, and a dandy at that.
Red Fang - from Murder In The Mountains, but you could hear this song once a day and it still rips
Black Cobra - unreleased (I think), and a fucking smoker to boot. This band is an animal!
Saviours - from the Crete'n 12". Party metal that works hard.
Witch Mountain - from Cauldron Of The Wild. The doom is doomy, but the vocals...oh lord.
Isis - from the split with Melvins. Sounds like all their boring shit post-sounding-like-Neurosis
Jesu - from the Heartache and Dethroned ep. Satisfyingly dense.
Pelican - from the split with Young Widows. Sorta ambivilant to this band, not bad, not that exciting
Zoroaster - unreleased (I think). A faster and more aggro version of Zoroaster...fucking hot!
Withered - from Dualitas. Atlanta blackened/crust/grind represent!
Boris - from the split with Torche. Who has time to keep up with this band?!


1 comment:

Nacho said...

i like torche, pelican and Jesu. But the rest of the bands in this compilation are not my cup of tea.
regardless, thank you for this.

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