Sunday, December 2, 2012

the united sons of toil - forces of production: usot remixed

label: force publique
released: 2012

after 3 full lengths...a split...this here business...a tour of the midwest...and a tour of europe...the band has decided to throw in the towel

as you know...SGM and TUSOT go back a little ways

and not to pat my own back (mostly because i can't)...i was the one that talked them into their first ever tour with promises of pajama parties and GOLDEN GIRLS marathons

but...they did as much as they could possibly do

not to worry though...TUSOT vocalist/guitarist russell hall and drummer jason jensen have a new project called tyranny is tyranny...and they have an album coming up soon

as for bassist bill borowski...he went onto join the chili cook-off circuit...and we wish him the best of luck

now...for this...awhile back the band put out a call for people to remix their songs

and that's just what this is

pretty self-exclamatory

if you like the united sons of'll like this

it sounds like their music....but different...which is the definition of "remix" (yeah....i just dropped some science on you)

 get out your glow sticks and chomsky 

DL: forces of production: usot remixed

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Nacho said...

very good. thanks, i work at a factory and the forces of production is what i need to do my job. it´s the perfect music when i come back home from the fucking work.

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