Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Purkinje Shift - Executive Contours

Label: self released
Year: 2012

This band came and went and has come again (come again?), from the fringes of the Atlanta post-hardcore-post-rock scene. Out of generally loud and nasty bands, they somehow morphed into this clean cut, suit wearing, insanely tight, instrumental math rock force. One that could easily rip through an hour's worth of complex and densely dynamic music without ever stopping or looking at each other for cues. Motherfuckers can play.
So, like every other band, one guy moves away, and they disintegrate, the members popping back up in various other projects over the years, some hearkening back to this sound, or building on it, and others content to spiral into the further reaches of inner space. It's what happens to bands that play for crowds of 35 people for a couple of years. After they're gone somebody says, "Hey remember so-and-so's old band, the one that played at so-and-so? Fuck man, they were really good weren't they? Where are all the bands like that nowadays? Now all we got is this so-and-so bullshit...where's a real band when you need one? So-and-so should reform that old band and play, man. They would fucking kill it!". That conversation is happening at every shit bar in every shit town right this moment.
But. The Purkinje Shift did decide to get back together. First for a benefit show as a one-off set, and then, as a semi-functioning band, playing around Atlanta every quarter or so. And then...THEN, they decided to go ahead and make a baby. A six song baby that they recorded at The Living Room studio in Atlanta (Mastodon, Black Lips, Deerhunter, Zoroaster, Those Darlin's, All The Saints, Jacuzzi Boys, The Tough Shits, etc.) that galvanizes their precision approach to rocking that body. It's truly an essential item to add to your collection...maybe filed between Maserati, The June of 44, Slint, Kinski, Don Cabellero, Do Make Say Think, and Turing Machine. Somewhere in there. You got room?



damien said...

DL fail

$4, happy to pay, but point it out yeah?

Gray said...

The link worked fine for me.

Try it again, or just Google, "The Purkinje Shift, Bandcamp"

Nacho said...

Damien, you can download from bandcamp for free (without paying) with jodwnloader (
for things like that, it´s stupid to sell a record in bandcamp.

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The Purkinje Shift said...

Dear Nacho,
Sorry we're so stupid. It's what we do.


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