Sunday, December 2, 2012

pigs - you ruin everything

label: solar flare records
released: 2012

it's the consensus around SGMsville that unsane are a pretty kick-ass band

am i right in that assumption?

"bro,you compare everything to unsane....why don't you just makeout with them already"

well...there's a restraining order with my name on it that prevents that sort of thing

the unsane reference is legit this time they share a member in the form of bassist dave curran (who plays guitar and provides some vocals here)

as for the rest of the band...he's joined by former jj paradise players club member jim paradise on drums...and former slughog member andrew schneider

this was a little something that got put together during the great unsane drought of 2000-2003

so...if you like the lighter aspects of unsane (think the song "alleged")...some shellac...some jj paradise players club...some melvins (like you didn't see that one coming)...some cutthroats 9...

DL: you ruin everything


Nacho said...

this band kick asses. thanx!

groincakes said...

i got the same R.O.

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