Sunday, December 9, 2012

load - lumberjack death luge

label: house o' pain
released: 1994

i remember snagging this up on the scene kids in pain blog back in the day (before it left for mexico for an apparent sex reassignment surgery)

what you get here would've fit in nicely on amphetamine reptile

tad..,uncle touchy...some black flag...


DL: lumberjack death luge


Ian said...

This one of my all time favorite things, great amateur wrestling intros

Slander Bob said...

R.I.P. Bob Load. I used to put these guys up all the time. My band would open for them when they were in town. I almost moved to Miami and joined them.

Gray said...

Bob Load is dead?! How and when did that happen?

I remember Cavity playing my old house, and whe I found out their new 2nd guitar player was from Load I was so stoked, and the rest of the dudes in Cavity were all, "really? Load?".

They kicked that guy out of Cavity a few days later, as in, literally kicked him out of the van and drove away.

Load was fan-fucking-tastic.

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