Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cutman - Universal Laws

Label: Underground Communique
Year: 2011

Sorry about the posting drought as of late, but shit's been busy and life and all that, and...well, you don't care about that, nor should you care about my life. It's mine after all, and you have your own to worry about, so let's just leave each other out of each other.
Music. Let's do that instead of worrying about each other.
Here's a band that takes the good (Helmet, Jawbox [mostly good, right?], etc.) and some of the bad (Toadies, Stick, etc.) of middle 90's guitar-centric alternative rock and comes back at you with a reasonable facsimile circa 2011. If you were of a certain age from 1992-1996, then this band will probably strike a certain chord with you, and hopefully not just remind you of the also-rans that threatened to ruin your reputation as a arbiter of good taste ("Dude, you probably like this band Seven Mary Three, right? They totally sound like the stuff you listen to. We should hang out sometime man. And you know, sorry about calling you a "fag" a few months ago...you know...I was just fucking around..it's cool"). The cover art even reeks of 1993 (which I think is awesome actually...if you're going to go for it, fucking go for it), somebody did their research.
If you're feeling nostalgic, this one is a good one to go for.



James Joyce said...

Until I noticed you listed this as coming out in 2011, I thought this was a 1993 release.

Gray said...

And that would probably be the biggest compliment you could give.

tahir sumar said...

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