Sunday, December 9, 2012

celan - halo

label: exile on mainstream
released: 2009

this is another branch on the unsane family tree

unsane vocalist/guitarist chris spencer teamed up with einsturzende nebauten member ari meyers and oxbow guitarist nikko wenner and two members from a band called flu.ID on drums and bass

and what you get is something that would appeal to the fans of the members other bands (obviously)...but you also get some band called neurosis....some band called coalesce....

so with all of that being said....

DL: halo


Wild Thing said...

It's a bit too much syaing that you get somme Neurosis or Coalesce, but it's a brilliant album!
And as it's out of print and impossible to find today, people are lucky that you "offer" it!

Having seen them live in Paris when the album went out, it was a great gig and it seems like those guys were playing together for years!

ihatethroat said...

It's not out of print nor impossible to find, I have a bunch of copies available in my webstore:

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