Monday, November 26, 2012

Sunny Day Real Estate - Asleep Under Last Weeks News

Label: Bootleg
Year: 2000

Here's an interesting little compendium of some Sunny Day Real Estate rarities (and Jeremy Enigk rarities while they're at it) that span from their beginnings right up to the end, and then the beginning again (of Jeremy Enigk's solo career).
You get the Flatland Spider 7" (with original non-Jeremy Enigk lead singer), Song #9 (aka the best song they ever recorded) off the Thief Steal Me A Peach 7", the two songs from the Pushead fan club 7", the song Bucket Of Chicken off the How It Feels To Be Something On 7", the End Sessions of Jeremy Enigk's Return Of The Frog Princess material (better than SDRE? maybe?), some demo versions of songs from the Pink Album, demo (rough) versions of solo Jeremy Enigk material, and an unreleased track from the original lineup.
It's sort of a weird mix of songs, and there's a decent chance you have most of the 7" material, but it's still Sunny Day Real Estate and Jeremy Enigk, so that's good for something.



tahir sumar said...

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cdb said...

Return of the Frog Queen is such a great record. Really underrated. "Shade and the Black Hat" is ridiculous. I wish his other solo stuff sounded like this.

tahir sumar said...

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Anonymous said...

Sunny Day Real Estate - Asleep Under Last Weeks News
is down,any chance of getting this re-upped please?

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