Sunday, November 4, 2012

Kicking Spit - Psychrockbullshit

Label: Tankcrimes
Year: 2011

Big hardcore tinged rock songs in the vein of Seaweed, Tanner, Dinosaur Jr, or The Fluid, which is always a good thing. I am personally endured to them as soon I heard them incorporate the riff to "Slip It In" into their own song "Beyond A Sun". Personnel from Big Eyes, Seasick,  and ANS.
Originally released as a cassette, then pressed as a 12", I'm fairly confident this is sold out, but you should try and track it down anyway.



Nacho said...

why don´t you comment KAITEN record? do you need some money? i´ll pay you. Don´t like my band? do i speak poor english? do i play my guitar badly? I got the best musical criticism for the best rock magazines in Spain. I only want you comment my record. you only need one photograph, one link, and a few lines. it´s the only thing i pray to you: please, comment KAITEN record. Is it a greatest exertion for you? i don´t think it will take a lot of work to comment a fucking record. I work like an engineer in a factory in Spain, i really know what "real work" is. And i know too what is never earn no money playing fucking hardcore music of shit.
thank you man for your kind efforts.

Anonymous said...

Awwww sheeeeot. Nacho calling you out on your own blog? Not cool you dirty Spaniard. To answer your questions, yes your English and guitar playing stink, and you must send Gray lots of American money. None of that failing Euro shit.

Thank fuck you're back, Gray. Our MU boys are back on top of the premiership. Saw the game last week where they beat Chelsea. van Persie may not have been a needed addition but he is a scoring fool. 10 so far! I'm starting like this Nederlander. Definitely not a prima donna. Our boy Berba may only have 3 but he's active in Fulham and doing good things.

Anonymous said...


A terrible little band from the slum town of Leon, Spain. Imagine if a fetal alcohol syndrome baby born of Unsane really sucked and was Spanish. Fronted by a passive/aggressive "musician" going by the name nacho he'd leave you to believe that U2 were opening for them on their world tour. Apparently he is the only working engineer in a country with 110% unemployment. An avid Liverpool fan, he religiously masturbates to a bucktoothed faggot named Luis Suarez. He is calmly waiting for an EU bailout so he can once more sneer at the Greeks. Fuck you and thank you, joto.

Nacho said...

for a reasonable price i will fuck your mothers. suck my spanish dick, my penis is the biggest of the Spanish Empire and you are my servants. Euro is more powerful than dollar and remember: "Football is a very simple game. It's played by 22 players and Spain always wins"

fuck off

Anonymous said...

"endeared". nice artwork.

Nacho said...

i never have opened for U2, asshole. but i´m gonna open for THE MEAT PUPPETS next december.

Anonymous said...

well Lisabo is the best thing that ever came from should all check em out,and leave other spanish bitches bitching about how great their bands suppposely are.


Nacho said...

trial and error, my friend.
Lisabo is a very good band, yes it is. Lisabo is a famous and big band,although i dont understand a word they sing because they sing in basque language. KAITEN were only three friends making noise together. No expectations, only trying to sound like the american bands we liked. The only expectation i have is being commented in blogs like "shiny grey monotone". I will be very happy.
thanks again.

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