Friday, November 9, 2012

Faucet - Faucet

Label: Southern
Year: 1995

From Austin, recorded some in Chicago...and that's kinda all you need to know.
Actually, that's not altogether true, and what fun would it be to leave you hanging like that.
Faucet took midwestern noise rock a la Tar, mixed in a little muscular midwestern emo (the good kind) a la Shiner, and served it over a plate of bar-b-que'd Austin noise a la Johnboy. It all comes out surprisingly smooth (unlike what comes out after bar-b-que generally), it's powerful but in more of a grooving way and less of an overtly domineering way. It's not about the guitars being sickeningly heavy, it's more about working the song into a deeper and deeper groove that has so much forward momentum that it hurtles right through the back wall. There's some Arcwelder and Jawbox comparisons there somewhere.
Essential record.



ian said...

You can pretty much seal any deal with me at the mention of Johnboy. Will check it out-ski.

Nacho said...

stupid emo-boy.FUCK OFF

Gray said...

Who is the "emo-boy" in this situation; me, ian, the band Faucet? I'm confused.

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