Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Penthouse - Gutter Erotica

Label: World Domination
Year: 1997

The debut lp from the group known by their United States alter ego, Fifty Tons Of Black Terror (damn you copyright infringement!), with a membership including Tim Cedar (Ligament, Action Swingers, Part Chimp, Die Munch Machine), Graem Flynn (Black Moses), Charlie Finke (The Cesarians), and John Free (The Gin Palace). You caught that Part Chimp thing there, right? Should be enough to warrant a look-see, yes?
Hows about I tell you that this record has some of the wildest, unhinged, bug-eyed, noise-blues put to tape? Kind of like Birthday Party meets The Jesus Lizard meets The Immortal Lee County Killers, meets a busted Rat pedal.
It's really loud, really blown out, really ugly. Basically, it's really something you'll really like if you really give it a try. Really.



Wild Thing said...

Fabulous album, still perfect to listen after 15 years!

kittyempire said...

Part Chimp you say? Fuck yeah. This makes my day.

P.Cretain said...

Would you be so kind as to re-up this dynamite of an album?
I thank you in advance for your service.

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