Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fight Amp, Hawks, Whores - Live - ATL. October 25

Your attendance to this show is mandatory, there will be a headcount upon arrival, and truancy is punishable by banishment from this blog (I know, I know, drastic measures). Amnesty is only allowed to those outside of a 300 mile radius of the Atlanta city limits, or those in active labor (over 5cm dilated you fucking posers!).
 All others shall be front and center (when not at the bar ordering my drinks for me...if weather permits a gin and tonic [Millers, Hendricks, or Juniper Green are acceptable, all others are for Philistines only...wise up], or if there's a nip in the air a bourbon and ginger might do the trick, and under worst case scenario [economic downturn...I get it], a decent lager will be allowed. Just pool your resources and surprise me.) and having their faces turned inside out.

Bring it.


Anonymous said...

the fock approves and might actually try and "make it" although he can't be bothered to actually log in. is your couch at least 6foot4?

Gray said...

You know goddamn good and well, all of our home furnishings are custom built to you exact specifications.

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