Friday, September 21, 2012

Horsey - Swarm

Label: Invisible
Year: 1995

This one right here is gonna be right in the sweet spot of this blog, it's loud and heavy and weird, and it's a band that came and went without leaving much of a footprint. They came to my attention via a split 7" they did with Glazed Baby in, there's gold star number one. The drummer has played with  Helios Creed (and...Wayne Kramer...hmmm) there's gold star number two. And they sound like the unholy offspring of Milkmine, Pachinko, Helios Creed, Dead And Gone, Facepuller, The VSS, Festering Rinyanyons, and a broken clock there's the third gold star (you can only get three, don't be greedy).


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