Thursday, September 27, 2012

Barbaro - Feeding ep

Label: Hydra Head
Year: 2001

Let's continue in reverse chronological order with Barbaro, yes?
Here's the 2 song 7" that came out on white hot Hydra Head, and most likely opened up the band to those outside of Boston. It's more aggressive than the album that would follow it, and the two songs seem to bring in more of a Keelhaul type sound to their (at this point) semi-melodic post hardcore.
But, let's just take a quick look at the resume of Barbaro main-man Andrew Schnieder for a second, cause it's fucking impressive.
As a performer, he's played in: Barbaro, Slughog, Secondsmile, Throttlerod, 5ive, The Rise Park, New Idea Society, Julie Christmas, and Pigs. And as a producer/engineer, he's worked with: Unsane, Fashion Week, Sofy Major (touring soon with Uncle Touchy), Great Falls, War Amps, Citizens Arrest, Shrinebuilder, Goes Cube, Rosetta, New Idea Society, The Brought Low, Keelhaul, Celan, Made Out Of Babies, Pelican, 5ive, Puny Human, Zozobra, Daughters, Cave In, The Red Chord, Scissorfight, Warhorse, Roadsaw, and maybe most importantly, he managed to get THAT Milligram guitar tone committed to tape. So, as you can see, he's got the bona fides to warrant at least a second look.


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Anonymous said...

yes yes yes .thanks a lot for this re-up.i am very happy.and thanks too for the related bands of Andrew Schnieder because slughog is the one of my favourite bands and i knew it for this blog.

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