Friday, August 31, 2012

Victory And Associates - These Things Are Facts

Label: Self released
Year: 2011

A friend-of-the-blog, named Tom, sent this one our way to evaluate, as he felt it has appeal to our...shall we say..."limited"(?) audience.
Upon first listen I was all, "nah", but I tried it again, and was more like, "huh". Sounds sorta like some Chicago pop-punk that might have come out on Johann's Face Records circa 1995 (obscure enough?) mixed with some (very little) Rocket From The Crypt styled proto-punk flavored rock-n-roll.
They aren't from Chicago though, they are from Oakland, and they aren't from the mid Nineties, they are from the nows. Their newer stuff was mastered by Bob Weston, and gets a little more Garden Variety thrown in the mix, so maybe check that stuff out when you get a chance.
That's what I hear anyway. What do you hear?



Conan Neutron said...

hey man! Thanks for the shout out. Quick point of correction: These Things are Facts came out on Seismic Wave Entertainment and is distributed through Latest Flame records.

I don't really know the references you mention other than Rocket from the Crypt (who I dig!), but thanks for talking about our first record. We are very proud of it. New record in early 2013. I think you might be (pleasantly) surprised.

I'l see to it SGM gets copies of the new singles.

-Conan Neutron
Victory and Associates

Weaponized Killer B's said...

pop-punk? nah bro. maybe a few of the songs. turn down the guitars, funundrum and you cant stop the signal are standouts for me. good record. i'd say buzzcocks, fugazi, dead kennedys, wire and yeah, rftc in equal measure

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