Friday, August 17, 2012

V/A - Shiny Grey Monotone Radio - Show 3

Label: n/a
Year: 2012

Number three in the potentially infinite Shiny Grey Monotone Radio series, and a particularly "rocking" installment, if I do say so myself (and I did. Just now.). The opening track by Burning Brides is just one of those perfect songs that keeps building intensity and makes you want to knock out that last couple of repetitions on the chest press...c'mon dude...dig deep! From there, you'll feel the burn, a deep, satisfying burn. Celebrate with a smoothie, or a low calorie beer, you've earned it.
The bands are:
Burning Brides
Hey Colossus
Mama Tick
Creeps On Candy
Pissed Jeans
Universal Order Of Armageddon
El Buzzard
Loose Fur
The Duke Spirit
Black Helicopter
Non Compos Mentis
Green Magnet School
Die Kreuzen



Mr. Floppy said...

Burning Brides are just plain great. Too bad they have been making babies instead of music in the last couple of years.

Gray said...

And being in OFF! and stuff.

RenSq said...

nice. looks like a great mix of killer bands.

ian said...

These compilations are great. Thanks and keep them coming!

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