Tuesday, August 28, 2012

V/A - Shiny Grey Monotone Radio - Show 2

Label: n/a
Year: 2012

As promised, here is the next installment of the ill-fated Shiny Grey Monotone Radio Show for your enjoyment next time you're really powering out the last 4 minutes of your elliptical machine workout. As with all of these shows, there is an attempt to take you through the (admittedly nuanced) different shades of Shiny Grey Monotone (wait a minute...Shades Of Gray?!), and presents a nice cross section of music suitable for soundtracking low impact exercise or a medium impact car chase.

Bands are:
Ikara Colt
The Liverhearts
C Average
Daisy Cutter
Luca Brasi
Zeni Geva
Pearls and Brass
Smoke and Smoke
Theory Of Ruin
Calvin Crime
Drunk Tank
Head Of David
Cutthroats 9
Cop Shoot Cop

*Originally posted 07.26.12, reposted 08.28.12

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting these radio comps!

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