Saturday, August 25, 2012

Torche - Meanderthal Demos

Label: Rotting Chapel
Year: 2009

On a nice, sunny, warm (but not too hot, that is important) day, after a Manchester United victory, when you're looking down the barrel of a porch party, beers, and hanging out with friends...this is a pretty appropriate pre-gamer. It rocks just the way you want to rock.
My favorite Torche material, and I'm sure you all want to be that much more like me, and declare it your favorite Torche material as well.
Originally released as a cassette demo (750 copies), then pressed as a 10" (1000 copies).



kittyempire said...

Nice one, I like Torche... they cop a lot of shit from Floor fans, but I reckon they're a damn good band in their own right. I kinda thought Meanderhal was a bit 'clean' on the production side so these demos should be right up my street.

I've really been liking the Vineland track from your SGM comp, is there any chance you could re-up the two 7"s?

Man U will be champions, especially with RVP in tow, as long as they can shore things up that back. De Gea's got to go.

Anonymous said...

Ha, talking Premiership football on SGM. Love me some Man U. Unfortunately van Persie will probably rack up plenty of injury time. Rooney is out with that huge gash in his leg. Sir Alex should get Berbatov back into the top scorer position where he was 2 years ago. Severely underplayed is our boy Dimitar. I have hopes for De Gea. Maybe he'll be a manly Spaniard unlike the rest of his crybaby faggot countrymen. Fuck City in their rich and talented arses. Red Devils all the way my niggas.

Gray said...

It's good to see some Man U support here in the bowels of the internet. Also good to hear some love for Berbs, the most underutilized striker in the history of the world. I mean, no dis on Sir Alex Ferguson, but he has Rooney, and Berbs on the bench, plus Danny Welbeck and fucking Chicharito, so why spend all that scrilla on van Persie? I don't get that.

De, I just don't know about that dude. Edwin van der Sar cast a long shadow, but even still, de Gea doesn't seem ready yet. Hopefully he'll rise to the occasion.

Fucking City can eat a dick, especially all these new "fans" who popped out of nowhere once they started splashing so much cash around. Where the fuck were there all those years City sucked ass? And why don't they seem to care that their star player fucking bailed out last season? Also, remember when Tevez started wearing that queer neck scarf (third degree burns not withstanding) because he was "cold", and Sir Alex told his players they would be benched if he ever caught one of them sporting that shit? Tevez is such a whiny little pussy.

Q: How many City fans does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: Zero. They're happy living in the shadows.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. Goddamn right. I couldn't agree with you more, Gray.

Mr. Floppy said...

Shinji Kagawa > van Persie

Man, I miss that guy.

Gray said...

Well, goodbye to Berbs anyway. Manchester's loss is Fiorintina's gain. I hope he fucking goes off and sets scoring records in Serie A.

Anonymous said...

Can't argue with Sir Alex's success but he pulls some dumb shit. Park went to QPR for fuck sakes. I loved that Korean. Best wishes for Dimitar no doubt. I just imagine Sir Alex and Giggs getting drunk and beating up Pakis during the week. Oi fukka! Give 'em the good news! Slot that feckin' wog! Scholes masturbating furiously whilst watching. That's it, Dad, put the boot in!

Gray said...

That's quite a visual, especially the bit about Scholes!

Do you think Ferguson thought he could simply swap Asian players and no one would notice? Kagawa for Park? Do you also think that Joey Barton has hate-crimed Park in the QPR locker room yet?

And now, Berbatov is headed to Fulham! Good for him though, I will secretly cheer when he blows one past de Gea at Old Trafford this season (do you think Scholes will still be jerking off at that point?).

Anonymous said...

Ha ha. I can't separate the Premier League from Guy Ritchie films. Bricktop Ferguson. Dimmmy, you're a silly cunt.

LOL at the Asian swap. Subtlety, Sir Alex. You sly old fox. Barton is one loony fool for sure. Me auld man was with the Argylls and Highlanders during the Korean War. He stacked you bastards ten deep. Welcome to QPR, gook.

I'll be watching Fulham games (and MU of course) this season then. I hope Berbatov racks up some sick goals. I can see Scholes giving that little frown when somebody misses one of his passes. His touches are genius. I just pick on him and Giggs because they're the old timers.

You know who would fit in with the rest of the prima donna faggots in City? Luis fucking Suarez. I hate that mincing little bucktoothed fruit. Evra should have fucked him up. The only City player I had any respect for was Adam Johnson and he's in Sunderland now. I'd take him over van Persie.

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