Monday, August 20, 2012

stats - crowned

label: the path less traveled
released: 2010

you like neurosis,yeah?...some floor,yeah?...some keelhaul,yeah?...after giving this a listen...the only shitty thing that got stuck in my craw was the fact that the album is too 3 songs (though they're all over five minutes long)'s more of a teaser than anything...and i kept having to hit the "repeat button" (and now i suffer from video game thumb...except for my pointer finger...and people are beginning to think i have an attitude problem because i'm always pointing)...but you don't come here to hear about my body problems...but if you're interetsed in that sort of thing...i'll put you on the list for my yet to be published scratch and sniff book.

DL: crowned


Anonymous said...

Can you reload Chinchilla '101 italian hits'?

Anonymous said...

love these guys. i hear ALL in there.

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