Monday, August 20, 2012

melvins - the bulls & the bees

label: scion a/v
released: 2012

this was recently left on the front porch of the SGM offices...and honestly...i don't know what to make of it...i mean...what kind of band names themselves after the act of getting your underpants pulled up the crack of your backside?...and the band's sound...i don't know how to put it...too mainstream sounding...destined for a car commercial...this just sounds like someone trying too hard to be both black sabbath and led just doesn't work...and i've seen pictures of the band's vocalist/ he trying to be that sideshow bob guy?...come on now...i don't see this band having that much of a future...get this at your own risk.

DL: the bulls and the bees


Otto the bus driver said...

That EP is great, the album with Trevor Dunn a real disappointnment.

neekolaus said...

I believe a wedgie is up the backside, a MELVIN is reversed spliting the least that what we called it.

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