Saturday, July 28, 2012

Honor Role - It Bled Like A Stuck Pig

Label: Eskimo
Year: 1984

I was about to re-up the Honor Role compilation, which I will do, when I put this record on to listen to. This ep isn't included on the reissue that came out, I guess because sonically it completely does not fit, and sounds like a complete other band. This version of Honor Role was total hardcore, like, early 80's D.C. influenced hardcore (not surprising, since they were from Richmond, two hours down I-95 from D.C., and had started putting out records in 1982). I hear Scream, Faith, and Government Issue.
The band did a lot of evolving between their initial blistering speed version (the "Your Skull Is My Bowl split with Graven Image) to the Rictus lp, and it's mathy pop. Not a lot of bands can say that.


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