Friday, June 8, 2012

Sweet Diesel - Wrongville

Label: Velvel
Year: 1997

This record was in the hopper to be posted, and then old friend Jay Smith requested some "90s hardcore", maybe something he "hadn't heard before", and I figured this album is a good shot to met those criteria.
Calling it hardcore might be a stretch, as this album is more "rock" than "hardcore", especially in comparison to the band's earlier work, but if you liked the band Pipe out of NC in the mid 90s, or Surgery, or Seaweed, or maybe even The New Bomb Turks, then I think you can get behind this. It's good music for a Friday, which today happens to be, or if you happen to find yourself at a T.G.I.Friday's casual dining establishment.
I will get to some actual, legitimate "hardcore" soon. Stay tuned.



Brootlyn Zu said...

please re-up

Anonymous said...

Re-up would be nice.

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