Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cop Shoot Cop - Release

Label: Interscope

Year: 1995

The final Cop Shoot Cop lp, the first to include a guitarist, and some would say their more accessible (i.e. worst?), which of course you should take with a grain of salt. "Accessible" Cop Shoot Cop is still...well, Cop Shoot Cop.
The production is a bit crisper, the songs might be a bit more traditional in structure, and someone might have mentioned something about adding choruses, but it still exhibits the hallmarks of the band's previous works; throbbing, bass-centric, musicianship that was touches of piano and brass, wry lyricism, and an undercurrent of demented sexiness beneath it all (like, maybe Girls Against Boys were always taking note of Cop Shoot Cop).


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julio said...

great great album. lots of things to learn to young. far from lesser against the early ones!

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