Saturday, May 26, 2012

Kepone - Skin

Label: Quarterstick
Year: 1994

This one was requested a long time ago after posting the first and last Kepone albums. I believe it was referred to as the "good one", maybe even by THEE James Joyce himself.
Like all other output from the Kepone camp, I would call this one "spotty", with some very high highs, and some...regrettable...lows. There is a lot of  grungy alt-rock style 90's stuff floating around on here, some Fluid style, some Mudhoney style, some Gruntruck style...those types of styles. There's a little bit of SST vs. Alternative Tentacles influenced noise rock as well, if that means anything.
I would again ascertain that Best Of Kepone could be a pretty great album, but quality control and editing was not their strong suit.



Wild Thing said...

Funny you're posting that today, as I just listened to an old compilation with a trak from Kepone!
Thanks a lot!

Raggedy Man said...

Awesome record. SO full of memories...

James Joyce said...

I only had the one with the monkey on it, which I remember not liking so much. Everyone said the one with the car on it was better, but I don't even remember this one.

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