Monday, April 30, 2012


I've come to hate music so much.

The pretentiousness of it, the pretentious love of it.
Don't get me wrong, I like lots and lots of music and there's lots of music that's especially relevant to me or means something to me becuzza my memories and where/when the music and I was. I even discover music I've never heard before that rocks my socks off or now and again hear something Completely New! that blows my mind.
Like the first time I heard Sonic Youth's '4 Tunna Brix' Peel session where they did those Fall covers, or this Swedish blackened crust band called Slaktrens who're so frigging great and a fairly new discovery for me or for that matter Emmylou Harris' 'Roses in the Snow' record that does it for me every time and has done so for years and probably will for years to come.

I won't even get started on "world" music.

There is so much good music, really.

And AIDS Wolf broke up, which really does make me a little sad.
I can still remember the first time I heard Chinese Roulette.. holy fuckin' wowzers, man.
Their last record sounded like everything that Sonic Youth was never intent on or possibly even capable of, and on Ma Vie Banale Avant-Garde they gave us the funkiest, scariest, saturday-morning textured jams this side of James Brown and Melt Banana.
I've read Chloe Lum's words on the state of the union; about how fucked it is.. I'm feeling it but I think it pertains to more than just the noisy and noisiest of rock and does extend inta all dat existential/sociopolitic/cultcha shit that's eating away at the lot of us, and you know it is.. it's eat or be eaten, so feed yourselves right and keep the space you have with some room at the table... and all that.

The worlds a mess, it's in our kiss.

I actually still love music a lot, and whole lot at that, and so, I want to share this, and this is probably my favourite Rocket From the Crypt record, out of several favourite Rocket From the Crypt records - Paint as a Fragrance!


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lex dexter said...

Thanks, man! I somehow always missed this one. I know what you mean about record fatigue - I'm rabidly offended by the cost of LPs lately, so much that it's fucking up my enjoyment - but there's always the cheap thrills of turning on other assholes. As for me, hearing "Heroin Man" by them Cherubs was a huge thing earlier this year, and it was all your fault.

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