Saturday, April 7, 2012

mock duck - altars of radness ep

released 2011

this was sent my way by a member of the band that goes by the name of clay (and he's the same person that sent this remastered version my way as well)

but you see...there are only 2 people in the band

and they're both named clay

one clay is from los angeles,ca and lays down the vocals and plays the guitar

the other clay is from tokyo and lays down the drum beats

and in the space of this can hear everything from the pixies (l.a. troy could front a pixies cover band) the dinosaur jr.

and you have to like the fact that when you look at the album's cover it instantly brings the cover to fugazi's 7 SONGS ep to mind (at least it did for me)

and by should be excitedly exclaiming out loud "SOLD!"

just do it...don't care what the others in the room think...they don't understand you...SGM does though...we don't care that you sing the lyrics to "baby got back" into your shampoo bottle while you're showering because no one can see you doing so...but SGM sees you...and we think that you should get that mole cluster looked at...and no...we don't care if no one else thinks that it looks like king buzzo...we do...and we're all that should matter to you

DL: altars of radness ep

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