Thursday, April 5, 2012

mad season - 4.22.95 - crocodile cafe - seattle,wa

this was one of those seattle supergroups that liked to form when the members other bands weren't doing anything at the time

take 1 part alice in chains (vocalist layne staley)

take 1 part pearl jam (guitarist mike mcready)

take 2 part screaming trees (drummer barrett martin and vocalist mark lanegan would wander in from time to time)

1 part the walkabouts (bass player john baker saunders)

and then this is what happens

they only released 1 album (1995's ABOVE) and a compilation track (covering john lennon's "i don't wanna be a solider" from 1995's WORKING CLASS HERO: A TRIBUTE TO JOHN LENNON)

they only played a handful of shows

bassist john baker saunders passed away on january 15,1999

vocalist layne staley passed away on april 5,2002

1 - wake up
2 - above*
3 - long gone day*
4 - i don't know anything
5 - lifeless dead
6 - river of deceit
7 - november hotel

*=with mark lanegan

DL: mad season @crocodile cafe

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