Sunday, April 8, 2012

Ligament - Kind Deeds

Label: Flower Shop
Year: 2006

Two members of Part Chimp rearrange themselves to knock out a more straightforward (straight but not narrow...[bi]curious?) take on some noisy, louder-then-average, indie rock. Not as bombastic as Part Chimp, nor as apt to drill a hole through your ears by locking into a single devastating riff for the better part of five minutes, also as Part Chimp do, or rather, "did".

You might hear elements from bands like Mclusky, or Built To Spill, or Pavement, or Action Swingers (who counted Ligament/Part Chimp member Timothy Cedar as a one-time member), or Fugazi, or a band that you like who I don't know that play catchy, slightly ramshackle rock songs. You probably know what band I'm talking about but can't mention because I don't know who they are, right?

Originally posted December 2011


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Jimbo said...

Thanks! I had been looking for this! Do you have any Drumm Chimp to share?

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