Saturday, April 7, 2012

king buzzo's nirvana

the melvins' buzz osborne likes a band called nirvana

and he'd like you to like them as well

this is his how-to guide

1 - in bloom

"probably my favorite off of NEVERMIND. i do wish dave would have mixed up the drum fills instead of playing the same one over and over….”

2 - smells like teen spirit

"i like it because it’s a combo of “more than a feeling” by boston and “godzilla” by blue oyster cult. listen to it with that in mind and it will all come clear to you…"

3 - milk it

"of course i like this song! of course i like it because it’s a total, TOTAL rip off of a song I wrote called “it’s shoved.” it’s on our BULLHEAD record which i think came out in ’91… listen to both back to back and then tell me if i’m crazy.. well, I am crazy, but not because of THIS song."

4 - rape me

"when NEVERMIND sold about a billion copies, almost immediately you had about a billion bands all ripping of the “smells like teen spirit” riff for their own songs… “smells like teen spirit” was such a huge smash that even nirvana jumped on the rip off band wagon and wrote this song… which is a rip off of “smells like teen spirit”… i mean what the hell right? it worked the first time so why not?"

5 - negative creep

"i think i like this riff of theirs more than any other"

DL: king buzzo's nirvana

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