Wednesday, April 4, 2012

buildings - melt cry sleep

released 2012

riding hot on the heels of their previous album IN AND OUT OF YOUTH AND LIGHTNESS.... in the have a question?

"um...this isn't young widows"

what kind of a question is that?...have you ever asked one before?

this is young widows...i mean...the vocals...the drums...the guitar....

oh my...this is embarrassing...this isn't young widows

(end scene)

what you saw above is an example of what it would've been like had i been asked to teach a class about post-hardcore slash noise rock (as defined by wikipedia) down at the community college

and by should understand what it is if you were to give this a listen

but...i don't want that to deter any of you from giving this a listen

young widows is a good band

i can you not stand up wherever you are and start playing some air guitar whenever the thought of the song "old skin" enters into your head (as a matter of should be doing it right now)

so...if you take anything away from should be this: young widows are a pretty sweet band...and so are buildings

also...if you're one of those types that like to own should go here nerd

DL: melt cry sleep


toposheet said...

bought this from cash Cow...great meal for my turntable.
and a lovely clear with cat urine stain in the middle vinyl presentation.

abbottoirez said...

The only thing that validates owning music on vinyl is actually playing and listening to the records. Fuck the collectability and turn up the volume on your turn-tables.

thuglifebaldwin said...

When i listen to "settle down city" i think "this is regulator watts"

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