Friday, April 6, 2012

the blood brothers - burn,piano island,burn

released 2003

that's right

this album is here

and if need can rationalize it this way: at the drive-in fronted by a two headed fugazi's guy picciotto (who produced the band's final album)

fact: this album didn't leave the stereo in my van for a solid month after i bought it

the albums the band put out before this were kind of your run of the mill typical/not so typical "screamo" stuff....the white belts...the size small t-shirts on skinny albino boys kind of stuff...but there was something different about the band...and then they hooked up with producer ross robinson...and he got this album out of them...which is essentially the sound of a band blowing it's load

ok...i've rambled on enough about this...either you'll snag this up...or piss in my cereal


DL: burn,piano island,burn


Arthur Rambo said...

Such a ferocious record

Wild Thing said...

Wow, can't said nothing more than Thank you guy, soooo good!

Christopher Mrt said...

This album was my high school soundtrack. I wasn't complete without it.

Alecia Madonado said...

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