Monday, April 9, 2012

Big Jesus - Big Jesus

Label: Holy Seer / Favorite Gentleman
Year: 2011

Historical Note: Just noticed that Ipecac posted this record awhile back. Oops. But, that link is dead, so here's a new link.

This is an Atlanta band, and I am an Atlanta man. Easy enough, yes?
This Atlanta band sounds to this Atlanta man as if they were trapped in a cryogenic chamber (most likely in a Seattle sperm bank somewhere) circa 1994, and through a series of bumbling mistakes by a wacky scientist, they were spilled out onto the floor to defrost in 2011, still wearing the flannel and rocking the Bigmuff pedals they were wearing and rocking some 17 years earlier.
Basically this is what a lazy journalist in a lazy magazine like Spin, would have deemed "grunge" in 1994.
Is this what Temple Of The Dog sounded like?
Interestingly enough, this band (not Temple Of The Dog) was made up of members of Isis-worship, mega sludge band Irreversible, but sound nothing like mega sludge, Isis-worship. They sound like, big, polished, hooky 90's rock...sorta Screaming Trees via Alice In Chains or something. Well, Big Jesus is looking for a singer/guitarist if you think you got the chops, and Irreversible are coming out of their own cryogenic freeze to release a new record a play a show this month in Atlanta. So....there's that.


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