Friday, March 23, 2012

v/a - black on black: a tribute to black flag

released 2002


i remember buying this on vinyl when it came out

it was pretty sweet

but then my record player got jealous of it because i was showing it too much attention

and then it disappeared least that's what i'm telling myself

i mean...what kind of friend steals a record from you?

and if you take anything away from this...let it be this:

1: the dillinger escape plan shouldn't be allowed to cover anything other than their own music...and even then they shouldn't

2: playing enemy's cover of "six pack" should've been been called "six pack: the hangover edition" (and no...i don't mean the shitty movie)

1 - american nightmare - depression
2 - anodyne - life of pain
3 - burnt by the sun - drinking and driving
4 - coalesce - jealous again
5 - converge - annihilate this week
6 - the dillinger escape plan - damaged I & II
7 - hope conspiracy - nervous breakdown
8 - planes mistaken for stars - police story/wasted
9 - playing enemy - six pack

DL: black on black: a tribute to black flag

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Wild Thing said...

Thanks dude, I completely missed that one!

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