Monday, March 5, 2012

rorschach - 6.18.92 - c.p.a - florence,italy

happy birthday,keith huckins

1 - pavlov's dogs
2 - no one dies alone
3 - my minds in a vice
4 - shanks
5 - someone
6 - skin culture
7 - in ruins
8 - lightning strikes
9 - in the year of our lord
10 - blinders
11 - laryngitis
12 - hemlock
13 - bone marrow biopsy
14 - my war*
15 - impressions
16 - cut the wheel
17 - oppress

*=black flag cover

DL: rorschach @c.p.a

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lex dexter said...

'Didn't get to see 'em ever, but I was lucky enough to get to know Charles well and Nick a bit while the former captained Gern Blanston and in the run-up to Computer Cougar, with whom, alongside Ted Leo, my high school band got to play its first show. You'd've though, honestly, that these guys might have been angrier to see "NJHC" devolve into the stuff of sub-Earth Crisis jock-fuck bullshit. Instead they grew as people and artists and supported their friends and the work around them that inspired them.
That said, I feel about Rorschach the way Hyman Roth waxes elegaic about Mo Green in Godfather 2. It pains me that there will never be a plaque, or any other retrospective recognition, bestowed upon these giants. Their music was crazy and intense and their work ethic almost deserved the Flag comparison that nobody deserves. They were fucking giants. And nice dudes.

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