Tuesday, March 6, 2012

madnomad - tamper-evident

released 2003

i had originally come by this band out of the uk via a sampler cd that had come with some magazine i'd bought

the song was "ad nauseam"...and with lines like "we live in the age of the excuse/we live in the age of the asshole" and "why should i tolerate anything i don't care for for any length of time"...i now had a theme song

and i played my theme song for days

and sure...that was probably unfair to the other songs included on the sampler...but you know what?...i didn't care...i'm an asshole

but i digress

you can't really seem to find all that much information about the band on the interwebs

this was the band's only album

and now for the comparisons: if you dig the refused album THE SHAPE OF PUNK TO COME...and some nomeansno...and some eighties b-line disaster....

well...this is just the thing for you

DL: tamper-evident


Anonymous said...

Those lyrics are Boyd Rice, not whatever this is. Your "theme song" can be found on the Hatesville compilation, and elsewhere. The song is called "Mr. Intolerance". Your welcome.

ipecac said...

well...on this particular album it's called "ad nauseam"

you're welcome.

Anonymous said...

Reupload ?

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