Wednesday, February 1, 2012

record collectors are pretentious assholes

there's a guy.

and he's selling some vinyl.

go here and make the guy an offer.

the list:

Bad Brains - Pay To Come Reissue
Big Black - The Model/He's A Whore
Big Black - Heartbeat
Blood Brothers - Love Rhymes With A Hideous Carwreck
Halo Of Flies - Human Fly/He's A Bug
Halo Of Flies/Mudhoney - She's Just 15/Jagged Time Lapse
Poison the Well - I/III
Poison the Well - III/III
Queerwulf - 7"
Snapcase - Comatose
Soundgarden - Telephantasm

Antiseen - Screaming Bloody Live (signed)
Atari Teenage Riot - Delete Yourself
Atari Teenage Riot - Burn Burn Berlin Burn (w/ poster)
Cab Calloway - Mr Hi Do Ho 1930-1931
Cop Shoot Cop - AsK Questions Later
Cop Shoot Cop - Consumer Revolt (corner crease on cover)
Duran Duran - Rio (has some cover wear VG+ condition)
Jello Biafra/Melvins - Never Breathe What You Can't See
Jello Biafra/Melvins - Sieg Howdy w/ bonus 7" remix
Melvins - Nude W Boots (red vinyl)
Poison Idea - Feel Darkness
Queer Wulf - Preaching To The Choir
Rapeman - BUDD EP
Siousxie and The Banshees - Peepshow
Elliot Smith - Either/Or
Tears For Fears - Songs From The Big Chair
Whores - Ruiner (OOP orange vinyl version)
Tom Waits - Bad As Me (deluxe edition)


Jacob said...

Snapcase - Comatose is really some of the worst shit I have ever listened to. Thank god they started to be awesome some time later.

Curbstomp Your Enthusiasm said...

Yeah, it really is. I can't believe that a label ever released it.

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