Friday, February 10, 2012


Well, my account was wiped out today, meaning anything I have ever posted to this blog is g-o-n-e. Sorry. If you didn't get it then, you won't be getting now.

Bummer, because I sorta thought we were over the Megaupload fallout, and the service providers had overreacted by deleting people's files, but apparently not. Sucks that they also deleted my personal files as well, work I did professionally, and even music I created which is certainly not copy written.

Guess I'll have to switch to another service, or something. What's the one that seems to be working?


spavid said...

So far I've had no issue with Rapidshare, but I do have to pay for premium (long term) data storage. Only around $80 a year. I probably slept on a lot of stuff you've shared over the years. Immensely sorry to hear this happened. Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

rs, deposit files (slow),

Anonymous said...

dudes don`t talk too much in the comments section about filehosters, I think "they" watch every next step of uploading stuff. Big Brothers are watching you everywhere in the net and follow you.All the blogs talked about Mediafire as a safe place. especially in the comments section and now mediafire deleted tons of files. This is a bigger plan of the content mafia acting without the big law.
I hate it and its totally fucked up situation but be aware. Acta the european Sopa is stopped by the German government today. This means not killed but first stopped in the Europen region. Hard times but don`t give up the good thing, I love you all! Don't talk tooo much about Filehosters!

Anonymous said...

Jesus christ.

Zip said...

Wow, that's some bad news.

depositfiles (bit slow but free from moderation), 4shared (looks bad, but works)

Anonymous said...

I have some of the stuff you've uploaded, would be happy to re-up it if required.

roofuzz said...

There are many others, for example:

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the best thing would be to alternate between all of those recommended sites and not to use the same service over and over again.

Anonymous said...

ZIPPYSHARE, no waiting time

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