Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hot Snakes - Peel Session - 11-18-04

Label: Swami
Year: 2005

Four songs, impeccable sound quality, spot-on performance, total energy.
That'll pretty much do it for this write-up. Hot Snakes uber alles!
The cd version is available here


*re-up'd 02.20.12


Rusty said...

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Gray said...


Rusty said...

Never mind. Now it's working. Mediafire hiccup.

Sector 2814 said...

this is also the very last peel sessions before peel died.

Anonymous said...

btw, that indexed link thing is something to prevent people accessing mediafire links that come up on google searches. you can either copy/paste the link or disable the "send referrer info"(or whatever) setting on/in/of/or your browser to access it.

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