Friday, February 3, 2012

dial - self-titled

released 2009

now...what you get here is what can best be described as "unsane but heavier...the jesus lizard with less guitar lines and more riffs...and a more pissed off melvins"

and all of this is being lead by a set of very capable vocal chords that go by the name of natalia williams

this is actually a repackaged version of a demo the band had released back in 2007...and the only complaint i have about the whole thing is that it's way too short

and from what i've heard...the band may or may not be releasing anything else

you know what to do

DL: dial


Employee said...

sorely underrated and missed

Brundlefly said...

Stoked to see this up! DIAL are finished now. No chance of any new releases. That said I do have a live bootleg from their first and only NZ tour.

Fra said...

killer thx

abbottoirez said...

This band really was really great; another fantastic, short-lived outfit with limited artifacts to refer to.

Brundlefly! You should totally rip that bootleg and get it up so everyone could hear it; how many songs are there on that?

Brundlefly said...

Totally will. It's all older material, the only song in the set that is on the EP is Permanent Opium War. It's got a pretty sweet (although slightly botched) Unsane cover on it too (Over Me). Will try and post it up for y'all some point soon. I promise!

ihatethroat said...

Can't wait to hear the live stuff! Awesome band and it's a shame they are no more.

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