Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Unsane - Peel Sessions

Label: Matador
Year: 1994

Anyone else find it odd that Matador is the label releasing the first two Peel Sessions by Unsane? Anyone?
The elusive third Peel Session has already been posted on this very site, but we never have offered up this one.
The first three tracks (combined as one) are just fucking gnarly, or maybe I should say they are especially gnarly, since we're talking about Unsane here, and "gnarly" is pretty much implied. They are gloriously gnarly...how's that?



Anonymous said...

Wow... unbelievable. THANK YOU. Unsane was always an anomaly on Matador. However, the 'Singles' collection was also one of the first releases by the label, which has since gone the more cat power-ish route. I still like much of what Matador offers, though they seem a little less interested in punching my face in. That is more effectively accomplished by this album. Thank you again... I deserve it.


Anonymous said...

Excellent. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

considering their 2 previous releases were also on matador. it's not that odd.

Wild Thing said...

The only important thing is that someone put it out, doesn't matter what label.
Thanks a lot!

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