Monday, January 30, 2012

unrest - a factory record 7"

released 1991

you like unrest

it's a documented fact

remember that one time you gave your gramma a homemade unrest t-shirt for christmas?...and then it mysteriously disappeared...and then you'd noticed a new doily on the table in her living room that suspiciously looked like the t-shirt you gave her....

but that's besides the point

we're not here to talk about doily conspiracies

how many of you out there have heard of a label called factory records?

it's ok if you haven't...though you've more than likely heard of some of the bands they've worked with (cabaret voltaire...happy division)

this is unrest covering songs released by bands from the factory records roster (hence the A FACTORY RECORD title)

1 - deaf (crispy ambulance cover)
2 - ufo (esg cover)
3 - sex machine (crawling chaos cover)
4 - when it all comes down (miaow cover)

DL: a factory record 7"


madamadam said...

Nice...and if haven't heard of Factory...check out the 'Twenty Four Hour Party People' film. Funny docu/drama history of said label with Steve Coogan as Tony Wilson (RIP). Recommended.

Anonymous said...

wth is a doily??

Silver_Sprung said...

ah, unrest. i can remember working the counter at a suburban washington, dc record store in the mid 90's when mark robinson from teen beat records/unrest/air miami came in to shop or drop off some records or something. while there he accidentally left some of his out going mail on the counter. my co- worker thought so little of him that he decided to not give the mail to our mailman but instead put the mail inside a random used lp that had languished in the bins for months, if not years. hahaha. fuck pussy galore and all her friends.

Agustin Diaz said...

Can you upload tink of SE please ?

Joshua said...

Any chance you could see this and reup it?

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