Wednesday, January 25, 2012

there's definitely, definitely, definitely no logic/to human behaviour


that's bjork

and you may be wondering what bjork has to do with anything

and to that i say...bjork has everything to do with everything

bjork is what happened to the dinosaurs

but i'm getting away from the point of this post

now...many of you may remember the great SGM fiasco of a few days ago

i had come to find out that the file sharing host i'd been using had completely erased all of my files

so i did what comes naturally

i tore off all of my clothes and hit the floor in the fetal position

all the work i'd put into the blog over the last 3+ years was gone

and then the vision of me getting screamed at during the only school function i'd ever bothered attending popped into my head (i mean...come on...if you're going to play faith no more's "falling to pieces" during a grade school dance...of course there's going to be some jumping's that bassline,man)

and then the random visions of me dropping ice cream cones came

and then there was that hobo at the bus station in toledo,oh

and that one time in that motel room in vegas

but i digress

the next thing i knew...i was standing outside the SGM offices with a gallon of gas and a pack of matches

and then grAy showed up and was all like "hey...what did i tell you about playing with matches"

and then he took them away

and then he started saying words that started making sense (in that special grAy way)

he was all like "it's not the end of the world...something can still be done about all of this..."

and then he picked me up and tucked me into bed

he then stole my gas and matches...and i'm pretty sure most of the spare change i keep in a bowl on the kitchen table

so this is what's going to happen

i'm slowly going to go through all of my posts and re-post them using another file sharing host

we here at SGM greatly appreciate each and every one of you (yes...even you...guy in the homemade reo speddwagon shirt)

and we're going to continue on's recommended that you snag up what you can in the coming days as it's rumored that mediafire will be completely wiping the slate clean

and now you can go back to your viewing of


Anonymous said...

Never give up! It can't rain all the time.

(what movie is that quote from? tell me and you get internet rep)

ipecac said...

it's from FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH isn't it?

that totally sounds like something spicoli would say

Dangerbird said...

for what it's worth mediafire are saying it's business as usual.

ipecac said...

but that could very well be the candy that's sitting under that box that's being held up with a stick that has a string attached to it

jbull49 said...

Your a sweet, sweet person--I mean it!--and I thank you for both the many, many good things you let me to before and your will to pull good things back aboard the interwebthingy despite all adversity.

Hasta la victoria siempre!

jbull49 said...

I meant "You're." Sorry (typing without looking is hard).

Brandon Lee's undead zombie said...

The quote is from The Crow I think?!

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