Friday, January 20, 2012

theory of ruin - counter culture nosebleed

released 2002

(it was brought to my attention that the original link was dead...this is the resurrection)

you know alex newport of fudge tunnel fame,yeah?

this carries some of the fudge tunnel aural assault over with it...still very bass heavy...still with the metallic guitar sludge...but the two major differences come in the form on drummer ches smith (touring drummer for mr. bungle) and alex newport's vocals

the drumming in fudge tunnel was good for what it was...plodding along...heavy...with theory of ruin...they come off as more free flowing...almost jazz-like

alex newport's vocals somewhat back away from the barking of fudge tunnel and take on an almost robert smith/ric ocasek-ish quality

mix the fudge tunnel with some early nirvana...a little quicksand...maybe a little early killing joke

if fudge tunnel were big black....this would be shellac

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