Thursday, January 26, 2012

shorty - the discography

you know shorty

you love shorty

but what is shorty? all began in illinois back in 1986 after vocalist al johnson (then in a band called nursery) and guitarist mark shippy (then in a band called the muckrakers) were introduced to one another

then in 1988 they put an ad in the local newspaper looking for other musicians...and after a succession of names...they released 2 7" under the name snailboy

then in 1991...the band's original bass player left the band...and they then took in bassist luke frantom (who had also worked with al johnson in nursery)

and then came shorty

and before splitting up in 1994...they released 1 full ep...and 3 7"

and then al johnson and mark shippy went onto for the band u.s. maple

but that's another story for another time

grampa's tired

go outside and play

but stay away from the shed


DL: mungo 7" (released 1990)

DL: kept turd 7" (released 1991)

DL: last one in my mouth is a jerk 7" (released 1992)

DL: niggerhat 7" (released 1992)

DL: kaput! 7" (released 1993)

DL: thumb days (released 1993)

DL: fresh breath 10" (released 1994)

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Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say that this band, in my opinion, is the weird al version of the jesus lizard. in fact, i think i like these guys more than the jesus lizard. not trying to be deliberately provocative, just fancy the guitar work in this much more. thanks for the post, guys.

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