Wednesday, January 25, 2012

rodan - 9.25.94 - lounge ax - chicago,il

do you remember where you were the first time you heard the song "tooth fairy retribution manifesto"?

i do

it was a sunday night and i was messing with the radio in search of something to listen to...and the dial was all the way on the left side...and i happened upon a station that was being broadcast out of a college (i think)...and i remember thinking that it was pretty awesome to be hearing fugazi on the radio (i came in halfway through the song "repeater")

so i left it there and went off to take a shower

and as i was getting out...i heard what i thought were wind chimes...and then the drums kicked in (and i've gotta tell you...the roll that comes in at about about a minute in still gives me the chills)

and then the bass and guitars came in

and it was like hearing the song "good morning,captain" for the first time (which i consider both songs to be equals)

so i waited for the song to be over with the hopes that it wouldn't be one of those moments where the dj talks but doesn't mention the band or the song you were just listening to

and the next day i was on the hunt for an album called RUSTY by a band called rodan

and of course i had to end up getting it specially ordered

(end scene)

1 - tooth fairy retribution manifesto
2 - gauge
3 - sangre
4 - big things,little things

DL: rodan @lounge ax

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Anonymous said...

I saw Rodan live at Thread Waxing Space NY 1994 so this will have to do. Thanks SGM!

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