Saturday, January 28, 2012

rites of spring - 11.1.85 - wmuc - college park,md

come on now

you should already know who rites of spring are/were

and if you don't...that's ok

all you need to know is that the band had half of fugazi as members

"which half?"

you know...there are just some things that SGM thinks that you need to find out for yourselves (ie: which members went onto fugazi...women aren't supposed to have an adam's apple)

1 - intro
2 - hain's point
3 - for want of
4 - persistent vision
5 - deeper than inside
6 - drink deep
7 - all through a life
8 - hidden wheel
9 - remainder
10 - in silence/words away
11 - end on end

DL: rites of spring @wmuc


Garageland said...

my fav dischord band!!!!!!!!!!!!
greetings from the garage

Anonymous said...

oh yeah. very underrated band. thanks, guys!

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